Fogged & Misted Double Glazing Replacement Service

With Merit Windows.

fogged double glazing

At Glaze Aid we can replace misted, foggy double glazed sealed units. This is not only cost effective but can be done on almost every type of window from wood to aluminium to UPVC.

When your sealed unit has broken down then insulating efficiency is reduced. This is caused by wet air; that is, condensation between your glass panes.

The longer you leave it the more damage occurs. Mist turns into water droplets then deposits mineral residue marking the glass and finally permanent glass damage. At this point the unit will have to be replaced.

Effective window replacement service

Fogged UPVC Windows and their rubber seals are the most common faults that occur in the modern UPVC windows and doors.

Although "fogging" and "misting" can be can be cured it is surprising that to replace a sealed unit probably costs less than you think and this may, in certain circumstances, be the remedy to the original problem.

At Merit we will investigate the problem, ascertain the fault and recommend the appropriate action and cost options.